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Favorite Island is an island in Western Australia in vicinity of Jurien Bay. It’s quite popular places and have been activated quite regularly, last time in 2016/17 by Pavel VK6NAX/VK6NX. However, OC-183 is still classified by IOTA as “rare” with 17.2% of credits.
Favorite island  and Australia.PNG
Favorite island.PNG
The island has an area of 2.42 hectares (6 acres), is located 3.3 kilometres (2 nm) from the mainland and has a maximum elevation of 14 metres (46 ft). The island is part of the Turquoise Coast Islands nature reserve group, a chain of 40 islands spread over a distance of 150 kilometres (93 mi).
Islands in the reserve include Beagle Islands, Cervantes Islands, Escape Island, Edwards Island, Lancelin Island, Whitlock Island and, finally, Favorite Island. All of them form IOTA OC-183 group as well as few other islands. As a part of natural reserve access policies, access to any island (especially if overnight stay planned) is strictly prohibited and must be approved by Department of Parks and Wildlife. I’m very pleased that officers at Jurien Bay office of DPAW were so helpful and attentive even to such unusual (and quite weird) request. Originally, I did ask for a permit to stay on any of Turquoise Coast island. After careful discussion and review, the access to Favorite Island has been offered and approved as less invasive.
OC-183 permit.PNG
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