OC-211/OC-183 update


Finally, finally dates of the trip have been determined.

Adelaide-Geraldton (via Perth) round trip tickets have been booked and paid for.

The plan (still little a bit rough) is: Depart from Adelaide on April 13th in the morning, stat overnight at Geraldton, and trip to Abrolhos Islands OC-211 by a boat (or plane, still not clear) from Geraldton - April 14th in the morning. Accordingly I plan to get on air on 14th in the evening (the time of day is local, GMT +8).

Return to the mainland - April 17th or 18th (depending, alas, on a number of factors now unknown). Jump into a rent car tp drive for 200+ km to Jurien Bay. Depending on the dates and time - get to OC-183 by small boat. April 22nd - return to the mainland, transfer to Geraldton, shipment of goods by a courier to back home, departure on April 23rd.

The dates are still bit uncertain due to the fact that just in the middle of April and the expedition is Easter, and, accordingly, on April 19, 20, 21, almost no one works.


Alas, due to circumstances beyond his control, Vladimir ER1OO will not participate in this expedition. It is a pity both to him and to me, but there's nothing we can do. So I am alone again.

And it's still some time to support :-)

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