OC-211/OC-183 prizes draw

I'm really pleased with support provided for an IOTA DXpedition to Abrolhos Islands OC-211 and Favorite Island OC-183 in April 2019.

I would like to make a special activity to commemorate and appreciate your support - you all, who donated and still donates to make the expedition real.

Everyone who donated more that $20 before the DXpedition starts (i.e. 13th of April 2019) will be included in the draw. Each $20 donation is equal to 1 chance ($40=2 chances, etc).

Prizes are quite interesting :-) They will let you to remember the expedition not with QSL only but with something more real.

Prizes are:

Two (possibly more, depends on sponsors' activity) Abrolhos Islands' Southern Ocean natural pearls

Three t-shirts with the unique expedition's design

The draw will be held not later that 2 weeks after the DXpedition end (i.e. not later that 9th of May 2019).

Video of the draw will be uploaded here.

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