OC-211/183 in April 2019 next update

Today a field deployment test of 20m 3-el VDA by RZ3FW to use in April. was conducted by me. What can I say - everything is thought out perfectly, no questions arose (I tried to deploy it once, 3 years ago, but since then everything was forgotten). Well, this is still after a couple of years of thoughts, design and manufacturing of the base, tooling, etc. The construction is impressive (13 m high, 8 meters wide) - but surprisingly not difficult to put it up alone. And even the ability to be turned to my main 2 directions (60 and 330 degrees), and to switch SP / LP is very impressive.

If it works out as expected - even in the present conditions, I should hear and be heard very well.

On 40 m - GP with raised base and 8 counterpoises will be used. I used that antenna on OC-160 / OC-297 / OC-265 and fully satisfied. In principle, even now, with weak propagation to US, it works quite well. Not a pileup, of course, just 1-2 QSOs per minute for 1-2 hours is everyday lesson. And surprisingly - a loud signal is noted (this is at 100 W, VSWR 2.2-2.4 and counterpoises not fully extended because of no space at my backyard)

But of course, the island will show the reality.

The annual leave at work has been requested and approved, flights paid for. Last thing to do in next week or two is to get final dates from the site owner on Abrolhos Islands OC-211 - Pia Boschetti, send a generator, a tent, folding table / chair to Western Australia - and I can go :-)


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